Launching the Single Bloom Bouquet

Our second new product is a beautiful single bloom bouquet.

Single bloom bouquets have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, made ever more popular by lovely bouquets made from a single paper flower.

I am very excited to present our fabric version of the single bloom bouquet.

White Single Bloom Fabric Bouquet

The flower is made from over 40 layers of fabric and is carefully manipulated and sewn to create a lovely 3D textured spherical shape. Beads and crystals are carefully threaded onto wire to create a beautiful light catching stamen at the centre of the flower. The handle is covered in a high quality Berisfords double satin ribbon to make it lovely to touch and comfortable to hold.

Close up of White Single Bloom Bouquet

The flower is made from our signature fine knitted fabric so can be hand dyed any colour as required.

Close up of a hand dyed Single Bloom Bouquet

Weighing approximately 50g, this bouquet is very light, so is perfect for anyone who would prefer not to hold a heavier bouquet.

Prices start from £65, please contact us for more details and to order one.

Ali  x



Launching the Vintage Jewellery Brooch Bouquet

Over the next two weeks I am very pleased to be introducing two new products to our range.

The first is a stunning vintage jewellery, brooch and fabric bouquet.

White Fabric Flower and Multicoloured Vintage Jewellery Brooch Bouquet

Brooch bouquets have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. The eye-catching sparkle is a stunning alternative to a traditional flower bouquet.

I am very excited to be combining our beautiful handmade fabric flowers with vintage jewellery and brooches.

White Fabric Flower and Multicoloured Vintage Jewellery Brooch Bouquet

All our jewellery is second hand and is sourced from vintage fayres. They are cleaned up and carefully wired into the bouquet. As they are second hand, some of the gems might be missing, but we only select pieces that add to the character and vintage look of your bouquet.


Perhaps you have a special brooch, earring, pendant, ring, button or charm that you would like to be part of your special day?  If so, we would love to include it to help make your unique bouquet even more special.

Ali  x

Launching a new fabric!

Blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat recently as I have been concentrating on creating new samples using my splendid new fabric; so without further ado…

I am very excited to launch our beautiful new bouquets made with our gorgeous new fine knitted fabric.

White, Pink, Lilac, Mint Fabric Bouquet

It is a beautiful high quality fine knitted nylon that can be hand dyed to any colour you wish. It has a gorgeous sheen that allows the flowers to catch the light with a subtle grace.

dyed fabric
Hand dyed fabric

The fabric can be dyed to any colour – if you need a particular colour, please send a sample of the colour you need so we can match it. Or you can pick from our range of Dylon dyes.

Our range of Dylon dyes

We chose a synthetic fabric to protect your flowers from any mean protein-eating-bugs, like moths and carpet beetles. It is a knitted fabric so the flowers keep their shape and will not fray but will look stunning the whole night long and for many years to come.

Ali  x

Alternative Bouquets Part 2

Last time we looked at fabric flower bouquets and brooch bouquets, now we look at button bouquets and paper bouquets.

Button Bouquets

Button bouquets are beautiful. The buttons create a lovely tactile bouquet and have a wonderful shape to them. I love this beautiful bright purple button bouquet by Buttons and Boys, a seller on Etsy.

Button bouquet by Buttons and Boys

Buttons also come in all shapes and sizes, so your bouquet can be made in any colour, or even feature funky shaped buttons, just like this comic book superhero button bouquet by Button Beads Bouquets.


Comic book button bouquet by Button Beads Bouquets

If you want your button bouquet to have a bit of sparkle, look at this gorgeous pastel button bouquet by Beaubuttons with added crystals and pearls.

Button bouquet by Beaubuttons

Paper Bouquets


Paper bouquets are absolutely stunning – especially when you think they are made of just paper! The paper is folded, creased and curled to create gorgeous shapes, just like this stunning paper bouquet is by Paper Bouquets.

Paper bouquet by Paper Bouquets


The paper can also be cut and sprinkled with glitter to very good effect, like this gorgeous paper bouquet by The Paper Flower Bouquet.

Paper Bouquet by The Paper Flower Bouquet

Ali x


Mmmm, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes… Benjamin Adams

Ah, shoes. The most beautiful way to cover your feet.

You are either a bag girl, or a shoe girl and I am most definitely a shoe girl. I love bags but find dragging everything out of one bag to move to another bag a massive chore. Plus, I always end up forgetting to move my favourite red lipstick from one bag or leave my glasses case in another bag. Before you know it, I’ve lost everything I need, and I have to be out of the house in 5 minutes – panic!

My dream walk in wardrobe!

Shoes, however, can be very easily swapped daily, twice daily, even three times a day as quickly as anything. My dream house includes a room dedicated to many pairs of shoes, all lovingly displayed side by side. Think Carrie’s walk in wardrobe. That. I want that.

For my own wedding, I knew I wanted the most beautiful pair of shoes. My dress was 50’s style, so they would be on display the whole day. I fell in love for the second time when I saw a pair of platforms by the brilliant Benjamin Adams.

Dita by Benjamin Adams

Stunning ivory satin, 4.5 inch peep toe heels with a slight front platform and gorgeous crystal studded flower. A show stopping shoe, they were just what I had been looking for.

If you are looking for your own show stopping shoe, it is definitely worth having a look at the range on offer by Benjamin Adams. From the current collection, I just love Saskia. The delicate pattern of the Austrian crystal will add a beautiful sparkle under any wedding dress.

Saskia by Benjamin Adams

The backs of Holford make me go “Wow!”

Holford by Benjamin Adams

And, I just love the elegant shape of the side of the Valentina heels. Beautiful.

Valentina by Benjamin Adams

After big day, as they are made from duchesse silk, why not dye the shoes a different colour, just like these gorgeous hot pink Dita heels? Ooh, I’m now very tempted to dye mine, I can just see them in a stunning emerald green…

Dyed Dita by Benjamin Adams

I recieved so many compliments about my shoes on the day and I still do whenever I wear them. My dream house with shoe closet definitely has a number of pairs of shoe by Benjamin Adams in there.


Alternative Bouquets Part 1

There are many types of alternative bouquets (alternative to traditional real flower bouquets), from bouquets that echo real flower bouquets like fabric flower bouquets or button bouquets to bouquets that echo an important part of your life like a bouquet made from Lego.  It is of course your wedding day – you can take what you like down the aisle!

I thought I would show my favourite examples of each of the main types.

Fabric Flower Bouquets

Fabric flower bouquet by Ali Rose Bridal

There are many types of fabric flowers, most of these involve the fabric being wrapped into a flat rose shape, or a couple of layers of fabric cut into circles and then heated up with an open flame to create a crinkle effect.

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t show one of my own bouquets for this type of bouquet!

I love my flowers because they have a beautiful 3D shape. They are different to other fabric bouquets as they use many, many layers of knitted fabric and tulle that have been carefully manipulated into a 3D flower shape, then given a beaded stamen centre in each flower. I love the soft look of the bouquet and the beautiful sparkly crystals and pearls dotted around the flowers. For me it is the ultimate fabric flower bouquet, although I may be a little biased….  😉

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch bouquet by Debbie Carlisle

I love brooch bouquets! I love the sparkle and the elegance of this type of bouquet. My favourite brooch bouquet maker is Debbie Carlisle. I love the quality of her bouquets and the teardrop shape she creates with the brooches.

Debbie creates her bouquets with vintage jewellery, vintage buttons, crystals and pearls. They are the ultimate brooch bouquet!

Part 2 featuring buttons bouquets and silk flower bouquets coming soon!

Ali  x

Inspired by War and Peace

We are currently hooked on the latest version of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy showing on BBC1, Sunday nights. Whilst some online have been complaining about the historical inaccuracies of the costumes, there is no doubt that some of the dresses are lovely. Fashion is inspired by many things, one of them being popular TV programmes; Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have both had collections that have been influenced by Downton Abbey in the past.

So, maybe future trends will be inspired by War and Peace? Whether you fancy being a trendsetter, or, just like me, love the dresses worn by the likes of Natasha Rostova and Hélène Kuragina, I have found some current collection wedding dresses that echo the BBC’s War and Peace feeling.


Inspired by Natascha’s lovely bridal-like dress she wore at the Tsar’s New Years Eve Ball where she made her society debut? Well, I love these dresses by Jenny Packham as a modern day alternative. Simple and  elegant with beautiful beadwork.

I know that summer is coming up, but if you too fell in love with Natasha’s gorgeous white winter hooded coat…


… maybe a lovely white hooded cloak by Mariell Designs would be perfect for a winter wedding, where you need to keep the cold out. Let’s face it, that big winter rain coat may be brilliantly warm and does a great job keeping the wind and rain out, but it will not look elegant with your delicate lace and satin wedding dress!


Helene’s bridal headpiece when she married Pierre Bezukhov was very striking, but take away the headpiece and you are left with a very beautiful and elegant lace veil.


This modern equivent beautiful lace veil by Claire Pettibone certainly ticks all my boxes.


And now I have to get back to catching up with the latest installment…

Ali x