Alternative Bouquets Part 1

There are many types of alternative bouquets (alternative to traditional real flower bouquets), from bouquets that echo real flower bouquets like fabric flower bouquets or button bouquets to bouquets that echo an important part of your life like a bouquet made from Lego.  It is of course your wedding day – you can take what you like down the aisle!

I thought I would show my favourite examples of each of the main types.

Fabric Flower Bouquets

Fabric flower bouquet by Ali Rose Bridal

There are many types of fabric flowers, most of these involve the fabric being wrapped into a flat rose shape, or a couple of layers of fabric cut into circles and then heated up with an open flame to create a crinkle effect.

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t show one of my own bouquets for this type of bouquet!

I love my flowers because they have a beautiful 3D shape. They are different to other fabric bouquets as they use many, many layers of knitted fabric and tulle that have been carefully manipulated into a 3D flower shape, then given a beaded stamen centre in each flower. I love the soft look of the bouquet and the beautiful sparkly crystals and pearls dotted around the flowers. For me it is the ultimate fabric flower bouquet, although I may be a little biased….  😉

Brooch Bouquets

Brooch bouquet by Debbie Carlisle

I love brooch bouquets! I love the sparkle and the elegance of this type of bouquet. My favourite brooch bouquet maker is Debbie Carlisle. I love the quality of her bouquets and the teardrop shape she creates with the brooches.

Debbie creates her bouquets with vintage jewellery, vintage buttons, crystals and pearls. They are the ultimate brooch bouquet!

Part 2 featuring buttons bouquets and silk flower bouquets coming soon!

Ali  x


10 thoughts on “Alternative Bouquets Part 1

  1. I love that fabric one: gorgeous colour, and texture. I once saw a bauble bouquet on don’t tell the bride (sorry). There was a running joke I’d make one for my wedding, but I chickened out and went for white calla Lillies, heather etc.

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  2. Beautiful alternative bouquets. Love these ideas! For Winter weddings especially, when flowers can be more expensive or your choice is more limited, a non-flower bouquet would look stunning.

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